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The Solution:

The costs associated with a breach can be staggering, but coverage is very affordable through the THSA preferred program.

As a member of the THSA, we have partnered with a leading market to offer broad coverage for data privacy and other cyber exposures.  The THSA Cyber Media program has special coverage enhancements designed specifically for Head Start agencies.  The policy provides very broad coverage for data privacy liability, and is offered at preferred pricing that cannot be obtained through any other broker in the country, and exclusively for Association members.

Privacy breaches are events where someone gains unauthorized access to “Confidential Data” which you are legally responsible for.  It is important to note that you cannot transfer this legal responsibility by contract – so a loss caused by your point of sale vendor or data hosting facility is still your responsibility!

A Privacy Breach can involve serious financial consequences!  With average breach costs reaching over $190 per record, it doesn’t take a significant loss of records before the costs become exorbitant. 

What is a privacy breach? 

Head Start organizations and educational entities are at considerable risk as respects privacy liability.  Educational, student, and family records are uniquely sensitive, with psychological assessments, family environment surveys, and testing performance records, the loss or misuse of which can lead to expensive litigation. 

You have probably heard of the Sony data breach at the end of 2014 which caused the delay of the release of a major movie and released volumes of sensitive information.  You probably did not know that in 2014 there were five schools which had data breaches larger than the Sony breach! 

The Problem:

We are pleased to introduce you to a new product that we are recommending to all of our Head Start Association members – Privacy & Network Security (often called cyber coverage).